New starting point in Masterdalen with information and car park. Currently not signed from the main road.

Follow the signs for the trail. The first slopes are steep, but you are soon rewarded by a great view of the Tosen fjord. The trailed is marked by cairns and sticks above the forest. It will take you towards the Bjørnstokkelva-river, where it meets the old trail from Bekkevoll. From where the trails meet you will have to descend a bit before the acsend towards the Nedre (lower) Bjørnstokkvatn starts. Follow the signs up on the norther slope. From Nedre Bjørnstokkvatnet the path is only partly visibile. Follow the western shore of the lakes!

Fishing licence for Bjørnstokkvatnans western shores can be purchased from John Borkamo, phone +47 992 45 741. Licence for the eastern shores can be purchased from Eivind Antonsen, phone +47 416 02 047. Fishing with a handheld lure is free in Breivatnan.

Track for GPS

How to get here

Parking is available in Masterdalen.

How to get here by public transportation
Take the bus from Trofors or Brønnøysund.