“The hidden country” is what Arvid Svelli called the area that today is the Lomsdal-Visten National Park – and for many people Lomsdalen is the quintessential national park. Today there are few signs of the people who once lived on the old farm; what you do find is tranquillity!

From Strompdalsgården farm, take the trail down to Breivasselva river and across the bridge. After a while, the trail climbs through a boulder field, which can be slippery after rainy weather; an alternative is to follow the so-called winter road, vintervegen (see description below). Beyond the boulder field, your route is indicated by cairns over the rocky terrain, which is dotted with tarns and sparse vegetation. Pause at the beautiful Medheiforsen falls, and enjoy one of the finest views where the trail rounds the northernmost tarn. Please be cautious – it’s very steep here! After Dyrbergtjønna tarn you will again see more vegetation. The trail passes through another marshy area before reaching Lomsdalen cabin, which is open for accommodation. If you prefer to pitch a tent, there are some fine spots a bit farther on your hike, near where the old Lomsdalsgarden farm used to be.

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