From Stormoio, follow the steep signposted trail upstream along Trolldalsbekken creek, and along the southern shore of Småtjønnan tarn, before turning westward on the shoulder of Sirijordsaksla. Although there are cairns to indicate a route slightly north of the ridge, it’s nice to follow the ridge westwards, especially early or late in the hiking season when the route north of the ridge can be icy and slippery. If you wish, you may take a detour to the top of Vistkjerringa or Litskardtind, otherwise pursue a route between these peaks and follow the ridge westward towards Daeriesåårke. There are no cairn markers; occasional cairns first appear as you descend through the valley of Henriksdalen towards Henriksvatnet lake. Then follow the Henriksdalselva river downstream through easy terrain at 300–400 metres altitude, down to elevation 278 and the bridge over the Grunnvasselva river. From here the route is partly cairn-marked down to the trail and the old fields of Lomsdalsgården farm.

Holmen farm offers accommodation, and there are nice spots to pitch a tent by Småtjønnan tarn, in Henriksdalen, and on the old fields of Lomsdalsgården.

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How to get here
From Mosjøen, drive highway E6 towards the airport but continue further south following the signs for Eiterådal for a total of 16 km. Continue on the forest road past Holmen farm, and at the bridge continue straight ahead to Stormoio, which is signposted and about 1 km away.