You can reach Børjeøra by private boat, or hire a boat shuttle from Nevernes. (Call Robert Strovik, mob. 909 29 374, Nevernes habour, tel. 75 02 19 10 or contact Velfjordskyss). Accommodation is available at Børjeøra.

Your hike starts from the old fields of Børjeøra (remember to close the gates!), and continues along the old road, crossing the bridge over Tettingelva river. After roughly a kilometre, the trail climbs steeply up the hillside called Årenglia. A little over halfway up the hill, and just off the trail, is a viewpoint with a great vista of Storbørja. Then the trail levels off, with footbridges across marshy areas, before descending and continuing along the old road through an old boreal spruce forest in the valley Sæterdalen. Part of the trail in the valley has been eroded away, but it is still easy to follow. Then the trail climbs up a short steep hill before descending towards Strompdalen.

Track for GPS

The old fields around the farm are still kept open, and near the house you can still see the remnants of Knut Strompdal’s garden. Strompdalen offers some of the tastiest raspberries anywhere!

Strompdalen cabin, once used by forestry workers, is now operated by the local chapter of the Norwegian Trekking Association, DNT. At Nevernes harbour there is an exhibition on Lomsdal-Visten National Park.

How to get here
By private boat to Børjeøra, or by shuttle boat from Nevernes harbour. Nevernes is situated 7 km from Fv78.