Follow the valley that runs northwest of Øvre Bjørnstokkvatnet lake. The map incorrectly indicates a trail, but no trail is visible in the terrain and only part of it has a few cairn markers. As you round the shoulder between Bjørnstokken and and Nordre Snøfjellet, enjoy the wonderful view of the Breivatnan lakes. From here, the route is partly cairn-marked, between the upper and middle Breivatnet lakes, past Nedre Lappskardvatnet and down to Nedre (lower) Breivatn lake. Usually you can wade the outlet of the Breivasselva, but when the water is high during periods with lots of meltwater or heavy rains, it may be impossible. In such case, please opt for the route east of Nedre Breivatn! (See description.)

It is partly cairned up to an elevation of 248 metres, and from there you follow an old horse track from the 1920s. (NB. Make sure that you don’t go too far west, as the creek in the valley may be difficult to cross). There is a sign where the trail enters the spruce forest. Follow this trail until the trail joins the “normal route” from Lomsdalen. After crossing the Breivasselva river, you only have one hill left to climb before reaching Strompdalen cabin!

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