In the municipality of Grane you will discover some of the most treasured lakes for fishing. Names as Elgviddevatnet, Jordbruvatnet and
Gåsvatnet have been well known by fishers for generations.

The lakes in the National Park in Grane are all licenced by Statskog. More information and license on


On your way to the legendary valley Lomsdalen you will find both salmon and trout in the river Lomselva. Fishing in the river an in the lakes in the valleys Tettingdalen and Lomsdalen and the lakes Grunnvatnan are all licenced by the Norwegian Association of Hunters and Anglers. Information can be found on

The lakes Breivatnan and Lappskardvatnan are known for their good conditions for angling and are not licenced. In Tosbotn the lakes Bjønnstokkvatna, Godvatnet, Mølnvatnet and Svartvatnet, as well as the rivers Bjørnstokkelva and Tverråa, are licenced. Licences may be purchased from Eivind Antonsen, phone +47 416 02 047. Licence for the western shore of Bjønnstokkvatnan may be purchased from John Borkamo, phone +47 992 45 741.


In the municipality of Vevelstad the conditions for both sea and lake fishing are excellent. The fjord of Visten is the cleanest fjord in all of Norway. The Lakselvriversystem, including the stream from the fjord, the Lakselv river, the Laksmark lake and river up to Tøymvatnet is licensed for salmon and sea trout. By your license at There’s free fishing in Tøymvatnet.

Bønåvatnet and Nordre Bønåvatn are licensed by Ole Arnold Bønå,, There’s free fishing in Krongelvatnet and Burrienjaevrie (but stakeholder Ole Arnold Bønå will be happy to get reports on fishing). The lakes and ponds in Sæterdalen and Middagsfjellet and the lakes Vistvatnan is on the property of Sigmund Aarstrand, phone +47 416 13 800.

Further out the the company Helgeland Skogselskap sells licences for their property which includes the lakes Svanvatnan and
Klavesmarka as well as a range of lakes west of the national park. Phone +47 75 54 78 88.

From Visthus you will reach Almosen og Kvannlivatnan. The lakes Nedre Kvannlivatnet and Kvannlivatnet, as well as the pools in Almosskardet are managed by NIBIO Tjøtta, phone +47 40 60 41 00.


On your way up the glen of Tverådalen you will pass the small lake Fjellskardtjønna with its good angling conditions. Licences are sold by Jim Tverå, phone +47 75 17 34 72. Further on towards the valley of Sørvassdalen you will find pools and lakes that have made many a fisherman happy.

In the valley Skjørlegda there are easy accessible lakes such as Storvatnet and Litlvatnet. Further south you will reach Litlskardvatnet or the stream and pools of Stavassdalen. Fishing is licenced by Statskog,